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From First Draft to Release: Starting and Maintaining Your Task List

There are two ways to pass the time from first draft to release: doing your revisions first and everything else second, or overlapping the two processes. There’s something to be said for both approaches, but it will be easier to … Continue reading

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From First Draft to Release: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

With a first self-published book, finishing the first draft feels like crossing the goal line. The second time around, you know better.

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Are You a Victim of “The Trouble with Writing?”

There is ample evidence that for some, the act of writing a book – indeed, book after book – seems to flow as effortlessly as a summer breeze. But we all know that for most authors, struggling to write too … Continue reading

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An Interview with Author/Poet/Photographer Felipe Adan Lerma

As you will have gathered from the title to this interview, Felipe Adan Lerma is a man of diverse creative interests.  His latest effort (released yesterday) is a thriller novella titled One Night in the Hill Country, and it follows … Continue reading

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It’s all about Writing (and always has been)

I happened upon a blog entry the other day that asked why J.K. Rowling hadn’t self-published her new crime books. The blogger went on at great length to illustrate the advantages Rowling could have enjoyed if only she had hired … Continue reading

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Pre-Order Pricing : “One Night in the Hill Country” – Felipe Adan Lerma’s new Thriller

Originally posted on Felipe Adan Lerma:
Pre-Order Pricing : “One Night in the Hill Country” – Through Release Date: 10.19.14 *** Pictured Left : A novella, “One Night in the Hill Country.” * Original fiction, photo-memoirs, and poetry by…

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How Would you React if Your Book was Pirated?

We all know what happened to musicians once Napster came along – millions of people started downloading their music without paying a dime to the authors or publishers of that music. If you’re the author of a self-published eBook, is … Continue reading

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