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A Reader of Reviews of your Own Books: To be or not to be?

All authors can be divided into three categories: those who read reviews of their books, those who don’t, and those that do and claim they don’t. It would be fair to say that all authors can also be divided into … Continue reading

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The Future of Competition in Publishing: Be Very Afraid

If you were to count up all of the earnest articles, blog entries, and even Colbert Report routines that have been dedicated to the Amazon vs. Hatchette dispute, well, you wouldn’t have an accurate number, because more would have been … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Journal: Managing Complicated Plot Developments

When you’re really on your  writing game, the words flow effortlessly from your mind’s eye to your fingers. But at other times, and especially if you’re working in a plot-driven genre, presenting the next developments in your narrative may be … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Journal: Linear vs. Scene Writing

Most fiction authors, I expect, start in the beginning of the story and write their way straight through the plot until they reach the conclusion, and certainly that seems to be the most logical way to go about the enterprise. … Continue reading

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Amazon or Hachette: Which Would George Washington Choose?

Unless you’ve been taking a holiday from the news for the past month, you are already aware that Amazon is in the midst of a very nasty negotiation with Hatchette, one of the “Big Five” U.S. publishers. Together, as a … Continue reading

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New Reviews (and Thanks!)

I’d like to share some recent reviews, say thanks to those that wrote them, and also share with other authors the observation that if you aren’t active at Goodreads yet, you might wish to give it a try. It can … Continue reading

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Comparison Guide of Self-publishers Released by ALLi

If you’ve been following the Step by Step Guide to Self Publishing series I’ve been running (it begins here), you’ll have learned that choosing a self-publishing mode and service provider can be not only very confusing and time consuming, but … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing: a Step by Step Guide – Ch. 4: Understanding POD Business Models (Part I)

Read the first installment of this series here Last time around I identified the different types of Print on Demand (POD) publishers that are active in the market today and provided tips on how to decide which type would best … Continue reading

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Book Review: 1177 B.C. (Eric H. Cline): Not What You’d Expect

This is perhaps the most disappointing book I’ve read in the past five years. Moreover, I say that based not only on my original assumption about what the author was setting out to achieve, but also on  my adjusted assumption, … Continue reading

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New Reviews of The Alexandria Project (thanks!)

I’m grateful for the following recent reviews (you can find all of the Amazon reviews here) 5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing cyber tech & international thriller – great read!, May 6, 2014 By Phil – Verified Purchase (softcover) Combining … Continue reading

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