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Make this an Indie Author Holiday Season

If you’re part of a family that loves books, here’s a suggestion for how to do good while doing well this holiday season: spend a mere $10 on an Amazon gift card and tuck it in an envelope along with … Continue reading

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From First Draft to Release: Revise, Revise (Revise!)

The last thing many authors want to do when they finish the first draft of a book is go back to the beginning and dive in again. But that’s what it takes (usually more than once) to produce a book … Continue reading

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From First Draft to Release: Starting and Maintaining Your Task List

There are two ways to pass the time from first draft to release: doing your revisions first and everything else second, or overlapping the two processes. There’s something to be said for both approaches, but it will be easier to … Continue reading

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From First Draft to Release: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

With a first self-published book, finishing the first draft feels like crossing the goal line. The second time around, you know better.

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How Would you React if Your Book was Pirated?

We all know what happened to musicians once Napster came along – millions of people started downloading their music without paying a dime to the authors or publishers of that music. If you’re the author of a self-published eBook, is … Continue reading

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My Thanks to Recent Reviewers

I wanted to give a big Thank You to those readers who have recently posted reviews of The Alexandria Project. Where they are also authors, I’d also like to provide links back to their sites so that you can learn … Continue reading

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Why GoodReads is even Better for Authors than Readers

I was pleased to learn today that my book, The Alexandria Project, was chosen as a September Book of the Month by the GoodReads “A Good Thriller” group, which currently has 1,262 readers. Many thanks to those GoodReads members who … Continue reading

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