Huzzah! The Lafayette Campaign is Available at Amazon

The-Lafayette-Campaign-3D-BookCover-transparent_backgroundWell, it really is a great feeling to push that final “submit” button after you’ve uploaded the cover, the file, and all of the metadata and other information that Amazon asks for. And behold – only an hour later, my second book, titled The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections, magically appeared on line. What a great feeling.

Now, don’t everyone just run out and order it at the same time. Of course, on the other hand, who’s stopping you?

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Cover Reveal: The Lafayette Campaign – A Tale of Deception and Elections

magician 100When I released my first book, I had never heard of a marketing op called a “cover reveal.” Well, that was then (four years ago), and this, of course, is now. And so, with apologies to Marcus Case for one last posting that might be considered to be a tease, here we go.

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Book Review: A Field Beyond Time (Lesley Hayes)

Field Beyond Time 60In her first career, Lesley Hayes was a professional writer, and in her second, a psychotherapist. The result, upon her return to fiction writing, is an elegant style informed by insights into the human condition that most authors would be unable to tweeze out of the confusing lives that surround them. Continue reading

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Sample Chapters Posted from The Lafayette Campaign

thunderclouds 175As promised, here’s an earlier than planned look at the first few chapters of my second Frank Adversego cybersecurity thriller, called The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections. It’s a timely ride piggybacking on a U.S. Presidential election, and the action begins just about now relative to the current madness.

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Final Blurb, Endorsement and Brief Bio

Number 4 100With the assistance of faithful readers of this blog, I’m ready to send the back cover text for the print version of The Lafayette Campaign off to the cover designer; the same material will go on the book’s Amazon page. My sincere thanks to each of those that have commented. Your input has been invaluable

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Book Blurb, Take Three

number 3 croppedMany thanks to those that have continued to help me tighten up the blurb for The Lafayette Campaign – it’s now much better than my original draft, and also much better than I would have been able to make it on my own. Continue reading

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Book Review: Darkly Wood (Max Power; Fantasy)

Darkly Wood 80Darkly Wood is an evil place, one to be avoided at all costs, and never to be ventured into under any circumstances. Except in print, in which case your curiosity will be very well rewarded indeed. It’s imaginative and well-written, and despite the fact that it follows in the grand tradition of evil lurking in dark forests, you’ll find surprising twists and an ending that you won’t see coming. Continue reading

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