Max Power Recommended Read Awards 2015

MaxPower140One of the great things that happened to me as a writer this year was being invited to join a great author’s support group on Facebook called the Indie Author Support & Discussion group. It’s chock-a-block full of great writers who are also great at sharing their experiences, recommendations and time. And some even give awards.

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Myths, Mysteries and Coming of Age: An Interview with Author Julia Lund

Lund 100Back in July, I reviewed a fascinating new novel titled Selkie, by English author Julia Lund. I’m now pleased to present an interview with the author, in which she shares the inspirations for her work, her thoughts on defining an audience (or not), balancing lyricism with action, and more. Continue reading

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A Happy Birthday Book Review

Birthday 110Notching another year in the metaphorical – and rapidly diminishing – stick measuring one’s life is not exactly a celebratory event. In fact, it’s right up there with performing your morning check in to confirm that you haven’t sold any books. Again. But every now and then, someone you don’t know leaves you a really nice review, and that can make your day.

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Do Free Book Promotions Work (Part II)

Neutrois 140Two and a half weeks ago, I posted a report on the initial results of a free copy promotion I ran, using four of the more effective book newsletter services. That campaign was successful in the near term, resulting in 4,360 downloads of my second book. In the conclusions, I noted:

I’ll need to collect further data before I can report back on whether a trial of this scale, duration and impact had the desired effect. The real test will be whether a week from now my base line of sales and page reads steps up from the base line before the sale.

And the answer is?… [drum roll]…No on sales, yes on reads. For the details, read on. As before, I’ll include specific figures and detailed sales charts. Continue reading

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Do Free Book Promotions Work? (Part I)

Dollar Sign 100For years now, the prevailing wisdom in self-publishing has been that periodically pricing a book at free for a few days is a great way to build an audience. More recently, many authors are reporting that giving away thousands of free copies of a book has almost no ongoing positive impact on sales. Which view reflects reality? Continue reading

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It’s Free Promotion Week for The Lafayette Campaign

The-Lafayette-Campaign-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalOver the last several months I’ve been trying, and reporting on, my success with various paid promotions. This week I’m running a blitz of promotions with the book available for free. Why not download a copy right now here? If you’re so inclined, I’d be most grateful if you would also Tweet the news or otherwise spread the word to your book reading friends. Here’s more on how the promotions will run, and on what I hope to achieve. Continue reading

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Book Review: Primed by the Past (Fiction; Barbara Speake)

Primed by the Past 110I’m a bit behind in my reviews of other Indie authors, but am happy to get back in the saddle with this recommendation of the first book in Barbara Speake’s three book (to date) series describing the adventures of Annie Macpherson, a young Scots detective just beginning to make her way in the world of crime.

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