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Liven up Your Web Pages with Public Domain Graphics

Sub-blogged below is a great list of image Web sites – new and old photographs, paintings, drawings, film and more (most are free), courtesy of the anonymous author of the Tracking the Words blog. Many thanks to Catana, and his … Continue reading

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What a Great Author Would Like you to Know About Writing

One of the sadder consequences of the advent of Web-enabled self-publishing has been the number of races to the bottom it has unleashed: in price, in quantity overtaking quality in social media rapid-firing, and worst of all, in the quality … Continue reading

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Adventures in Self-Publishing: Using Social Media to Promote your Book

Last time I promised to talk about setting up Twitter and Facebook pages. For many people this should be the easiest part of establishing a Web presence, since so many folks already use one or both services. If you’re one … Continue reading

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BookDaily Authors Nominated to be Featured On Noveltunity®

Including, ahem, mine. I haven’t gone in for the contest route so far, and that’s not exactly what this is, but throwing my hat into the ring was easy (and free), so I thought why not?  The host is a … Continue reading

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It’s Interview Time!

One of the traditional ways to inspire someone to read an author’s book has always been the interview – in print a newspaper or magazine, live on the radio or TV, or in front of a face-to-face audience. These days, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Self-Publishing: Establishing a Web Presence (Part III)

In the last post, we talked about the different types of Web sites you can create or take advantage of.  In this entry, we’ll talk about actually creating the Web-based pages you’ll need to sell your self-published book, leaving to … Continue reading

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