A Happy Birthday Book Review

Birthday 110Notching another year in the metaphorical – and rapidly diminishing – stick measuring one’s life is not exactly a celebratory event. In fact, it’s right up there with performing your morning check in to confirm that you haven’t sold any books. Again. But every now and then, someone you don’t know leaves you a really nice review, and that can make your day.

Here’s the one that redeemed my morning today, and it rings all of the bells that an aspiring author yearns to hear:

I actually read – and loved – the sequel, The Lafayette Campaign, first. I liked it so much, I rushed back to buy this book. I was not disappointed. It features the same engaging protagonist unraveling a really scary enigma in cyberspace. While it, too, is a cautionary cyber-thriller about how easily our dependence upon digital data could be used against us, it is so absorbing that I read it straight through well past my bedtime. I read a lot of books, but I review very few. Except for C. G. Cooper, this is the first time I have read two in a row by the same author and reviewed both. I am looking forward to more adventures of Frank Adversego from Andrew Updegrove.

So thank you very much indeed, caraj1491. What a perfect birthday card.

Have YOU discovered The Alexandria Project?

High Res Cover 140

About Andrew Updegrove

I'm a cybersecurity thriller author/attorney that has been representing technology companies for more than thirty years. I work with many of the organizations seeking to thwart cyber-attacks before they occur.
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5 Responses to A Happy Birthday Book Review

  1. arjaybe says:

    Congratulations, Andy. Sometimes a little dopamine in the brain is all we need.-)

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  2. Julia Lund says:

    What a fantastic review. Well done and well deserved – I am so pleased for you.

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  3. Thank you both. A little validation always helps.


  4. Marcus Case says:

    That’s a great review, Andrew. Belated birthday wishes from the UK.

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