New Site! (Please Come Visit)

Over the past month I’ve been writing about my plans for revamping my self-publishing approach in several ways, including rebranding and creating an author website more suited for serious self publishing. I’ve just finished a big part of that effort – launching an entirely new author site, which you can find here.

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out yet how to carry over my list of followers, so please drop by my new blog to read my first post there. While you’re there, I very much hope that you’ll decide to follow me at that location, as I won’t be using this site in the future. As you’ll see, you’ll have two options. At the Author’s blog, you’ll be able to read my continuing posts about self-publishing and related matters. But there’s also a new feature, called “Friends of Frank” where I’ll post chapters of my new book, and much more. You can find out about the “much more” and sign up to become a Friend of Frank here.

Thanks to all of you who have been loyal followers here over the past several years, and I do very much hope that we’ll be able to stay in touch through my new site.

About Andrew Updegrove

I'm a cybersecurity thriller author/attorney that has been representing technology companies for more than thirty years. I work with many of the organizations seeking to thwart cyber-attacks before they occur.
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