Which Book Promotion Services Work?

FBT 110About a month ago I posted a piece on trying out the various book sale promotion sites that are available, and promised to report back on progress. Here are some preliminary findings, as well as an example of one I have running today at Free Kindle Books and Tips so that you can get an idea of what one looks like (perhaps you might want to invest $0.99 while you’re at it). Continue reading

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The Doodlebug War: Frank Rides Again!

Pony Express 140I took a little time off the other day from promoting my second Frank Adversego thriller to write the first chapter of the third. Needless to say, it was a lot more fun than lining up promotional discount sales and sending out more mindless Tweets.

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Are Press Releases Worth it? Results and Conclusions

Microseope 110Yesterday I set up a little experiment to see whether paying for press releases can prove to be worthwhile for authors seeking to promote their books. The experiment was based on a press release I wrote, and issued through PRLog.org, one of the established press release services. Today I’ve got the data, so let’s take a look and see what we found out.

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Are Press Releases Worth it?

Smiley Lollipop 110Self-publishing is full of mug’s games (that’s Brit-speak for ways to take suckers in). Sometimes it even seems that there are more people trying to exploit self-published writers than there are Indie-authors. Is selling press releases another one of them? Absolutely. Are there any exceptions to that blunt statement? Let’s see if we can find out.

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The Lafayette Campaign On Sale: Trying out the Discount Game

99 110First off, if you’ve been thinking about reading The Lafayette Campaign, now would be an excellent time to do so, as I’ve dropped the price to $.99 for the next few days. Why? Because I’m going to systematically try out (and report on) the book discount promotional services over the next several weeks. Continue reading

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The Lafayette Campaign: First Reviews!

Horse Race 110I’m happy to report that the launch of my second cybersecurity thriller, titled The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections, is off to a great start in a couple of ways. Continue reading

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Author Poll Results: Which promotional methods produce the most sales?

Pie Chart 1163While the sample set was not large, the results were interesting. Thanks to those that participated in the poll I posted last week. Continue reading

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Poll: What Promotional Methods Work Best?

question mark 109A week ago I posted a piece here titled Book Promotion: What Really Works? and promised to pour the results of your feedback into a poll that I’d then post for broader participation.

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Writing a Book Proposal (Remember Book Proposals?)

Review 110Once upon a time, when someone was done writing a book (or even before), they tried to find a publisher, or an agent and then a publisher, willing to take on their book. Of course, that was eons ago – say, oh, five years or so. Now we’re in the self-determining Age of Self-Publishing, and although you can read a thousand blog entries and promo pieces on exactly what you MUST DO to self-publish, the must-dos of the agented sale era have passed into dust as surely as the portrait of Dorian Gray.  Such as? Such as writing the perfect book proposal (the what?)

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Book Promotion: What Really Works?

Jurista 110These are the best and worst of times for authors. We can publish and promote our own books, and there are almost endless ways to go about doing so. The problem is, most promotional methods either don’t work well (or sometimes at all), or they need to be done in just the right way to be effective. How is an aspiring author supposed to know what’s worth trying and what’s a total waste of time? How about we find out the answer together?

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