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Self Publishing is Real! (Now what?)

At some point in the last two years self-publishing became accepted as a real, and even preferable, route over the traditional path. That’s great news, but it’s only the first step. What we need now is for a self-publishing ecosystem … Continue reading

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How to Self Publish, Chap. 2: eBook or Dead Tree?

Should you bother to self-publish in print as well as in eBook form? After all, it adds time and effort to the process, and many authors find that they sell very few copies in print, anyway. Like everything else when … Continue reading

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To Advertise or Not to Advertise?

One of the ongoing quandaries a self-published author faces is whether to dedicate part of her hard-earned cash to advertising. That’s a tough one, since advertising is rarely cheap, and may often fail to generate more in immediate profits than … Continue reading

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Why Johnny Can’t Format [a book]

One of the big frustrations of writing a book is that while Microsoft Word can be used for creating and formatting a book, it’s a real pain in the neck for ordinary mortals to use it for that purpose.  In … Continue reading

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Liven up Your Web Pages with Public Domain Graphics

Originally posted on Maverick Writer:
I made this list of free graphics sites for a friend a few days ago, and just as I was about to delete it from my desktop I realized that someone else might find it…

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The Standard Amazon and Apple Don’t Want You to Know About

Anyone who reads eBooks is aware that a number of content vendors are using proprietary platforms in an effort to lock you into their content libraries: most obviously, Amazon, with its Kindle line, Barnes & Noble with its Nook devices, … Continue reading

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Excellent Book Design Site

When I first started to prepare my book for publishing I spent a few hours cruising around looking for resources of various types, and bookmarking those that seemed worth revisiting. But I rarely did. Today I spent a little time … Continue reading

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