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Max Power Recommended Read Awards 2015

One of the great things that happened to me as a writer this year was being invited to join a great author’s support group on Facebook called the Indie Author Support & Discussion group. It’s chock-a-block full of great writers … Continue reading

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Myths, Mysteries and Coming of Age: An Interview with Author Julia Lund

Back in July, I reviewed a fascinating new novel titled Selkie, by English author Julia Lund. I’m now pleased to present an interview with the author, in which she shares the inspirations for her work, her thoughts on defining an … Continue reading

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Book Review: Primed by the Past (Fiction; Barbara Speake)

I’m a bit behind in my reviews of other Indie authors, but am happy to get back in the saddle with this recommendation of the first book in Barbara Speake’s three book (to date) series describing the adventures of Annie … Continue reading

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The Lafayette Campaign: First Reviews!

I’m happy to report that the launch of my second cybersecurity thriller, titled The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections, is off to a great start in a couple of ways.

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Remembering Those you Love: You’re Not Alone

Sooner later, mortality catches up with every family. There’s no good way out of this life, but some ways are more difficult than others. The process can be long, and often it’s painful. Sometimes it can even be degrading. Being … Continue reading

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Book Review: Selkie – Julia Lund (Fiction)

The simple title of Julia Lund’s well-crafted “Selkie” may fall strangely on non-U.K. ears, but the legends that it draws on are as old as the peoples that returned to the wind-swept coasts of Scotland in the wake of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Field Beyond Time (Lesley Hayes)

In her first career, Lesley Hayes was a professional writer, and in her second, a psychotherapist. The result, upon her return to fiction writing, is an elegant style informed by insights into the human condition that most authors would be … Continue reading

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Book Review: Darkly Wood (Max Power; Fantasy)

Darkly Wood is an evil place, one to be avoided at all costs, and never to be ventured into under any circumstances. Except in print, in which case your curiosity will be very well rewarded indeed. It’s imaginative and well-written, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Skin Cage (Nico Laeser; Fiction)

Nico Laeser’s Skin Cage is a provocative read that begins as one type of story and then, all of a sudden when you’re not looking, crosses effortlessly into another that you (or at least I) did not see coming. It’s … Continue reading

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Review: Paul Ruddocks Very Entertaining Short Story Collection, “Not What you Thought?”

Once upon a time – and a very long time it was – the short story was a well-respected form of literary fiction as well as an essential thread in the warp and woof of everyday life. Whether we’re speaking … Continue reading

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