Buy The Alexandria Project

The Alexandria Project has been uniformly, favorably and enthusiastically reviewed by security professionals and non-technical readers alike. Why not give it a read yourself?

It’s available in hard cover, soft cover and eBook formats at all of the usual on-line outlets, or you can support your local bookstore by ordering it through them as well. Currently, the list price is $2.99 (eBook), $9.95 (soft cover) and $24.95 (hard cover).

You can also order print copies of The Alexandria Project direct from the publisher (which, incidentally, pays me the highest royalty), Dogear Publishing (softcover)  Dogear Publishing (hardcover).

Order The Alexandria Project from your favorite outlet by clicking on the links below:


Barnes & Noble







  • File Size: 749 KB
  • Print Length: 271 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1457509288
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (December 4, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00AIX9LV8

8 Responses to Buy The Alexandria Project

  1. Andrew, you should consider Scribd and Oyster! (smiles)


  2. Felipe, how does that work if you also have your book at places like Amazon, which doesn’t allow you to offer the book anywhere else for less than you offer to them? Do you specify that Scribd or Oyster have to pay you at least the same amount if some reads the book, even though they’re paying a monthly fee there?

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  3. Andrew, it’s pretty straight forward ( thank goodness).

    Price your book at the same price as on Amazon, ie, $2.99. Then distribute to both subscription services (via the channel manager) thru Smashwords.

    That satisfies maintaining pricing integrity.

    Your royalty will be 60% of list when the book is read 30%.

    If only 10% is read, you get 1/10th of your 60%.

    Those thresholds don’t seem to have a time limit.

    I’ve a post this coming week with two examples re Scribd. One is where it took the reader since spring to trigger my royalty. A reader might like your work, and sample it, but have other priorities, and not get to it for awhile. It’s pretty neat.

    I also have a contact at Scribd if you get any “glitches.” And I can try & answer any other questions, hopefully :-)


  4. Thanks for the prompt information, Felipe. I’m not a Smashwords author, but I assume that I can go to the Oyster and Scribd sites and figure out how to submit a file directly.


    • You bet. I know I make almost as much via Scribd as I do Amazon.

      There is a place on Scribd’s site where you can submit your basic info (name, book, etc) to see if they’ll carry you direct, maybe as a small publisher? I myself didn’t qualify but you might; definitely worth a try.

      Also, 1) you can distribute to them via Smashwords and not distribute any other places SW sends to. And 2) you can also distribute into Scribd via BookBaby and D2D. I’ve several friends using D2D and they’re very happy using that route.

      Additionally, the 60% payout is really the 70% minus the distributor’s fee to send to Scribd. Sorta like Amazon’s delivery fee comes off the 70% then we get the rest, which is still pretty close to the 70% most of the time (unless one has a huge file, lots of images, etc).

      And, of course, there’s no exclusivity clause.

      Alison, the person I communicate with, says if you wish, you can email : with Attn: Alison in the subject and body. She’s great for info or routing you to folk who can help you more.

      The buzz became so strong, about the reads (sales) via Scribd and Oyster, that, I believe, that’s why Kindle Unlimited had to be sprung so quickly. Smart move by Amazon, cause people really like subscription programs.

      Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do great either way; but do honestly feel, since you’re not exclusive, not being in Oyster and Scribd is leaving out the fastest growing ebook markets. :-)


  5. That’s great information, Felipe – thanks for being so generous with your time and information. I’ll definitely put this to the top of my “to do” self-publishing list. Thanks for being so persistent at helping me to wise up!


  6. We help each other. I’m really enjoying using LibreOffice, thanks to you :-)

    Tomorrow, I have a post with examples of reader data I get from Scribd. Pretty interesting, and to me, very encouraging about how the subscription model works in terms of readers being able to take their time with titles.


  7. I’ll look forward to reading that (and I’m glad the LibreOffice is being good to you).


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