A Tale of Deception and Elections

The-Lafayette-Campaign-3D-BookCover-transparent_background***** Interesting & Exciting Adventure, with Scary Implications: The fictional hacked poll results seem to be the best explanation for the strange current real poll results!A fascinating premise for a novel, well written with enough technical detail to be credible

***** Wonderful Read: It is a cliché but I literally couldn’t put this one down

***** Frank’s Back – Just in Time: I hope that what I just saw on “Pox News” was really only the trailer for this entertaining and thought-provoking novel

***** A Very Timely Read! Andrew Updegrove’s second Frank Adversego thriller is alarmingly timely

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A Tale of Treachery and Technology

High Res book Cover***** Delightfully Unpredictable! The story moves so nimbly that it’s final twists are startling

***** A Great Way to Spend a Dark and Stormy Weekend Andy Updegrove reminds me of Michael Crichton an author who was able to both entertain and educate at the same time

***** A Skillfully Crafted Cyber-Terrorism Thriller: I look forward to his next book and encourage anyone seeking a well written contemporary thriller to give this book a read.

***** Clever, Gripping, Entertaining: I loved Frank, a wonderfully flawed genius who I warmed to immediately

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