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Is Paying for Book Promotion Worth it?

One of the more difficult issues the author of a self-published book faces is whether to pay others to help promote their book. Broadly speaking, such services fall into three categories: creating sales materials (postcards, posters, press releases), reaching out … Continue reading

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Third Anniversary

I was surprised this morning when I opened my other blog to see something unexpected: the first chapter of my book. It didn’t take too long, though, to figure out what caused it to magically materialize. Three years ago today … Continue reading

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New Reviews (thanks!)

One of the more gnarly issues I’ve tried to deal with in trying to promote my book is how hard to try to get reviews, and if so, of what types, and from whom. I decided in the beginning that … Continue reading

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SmashWords’ Big Year

If you haven’t checked in on eBook publisher Smashwords (SW) lately, you’re in for a surprise. The little business that Mark Coker started five years ago is now the biggest publisher of eBooks around. And you don’t have to take … Continue reading

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