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The Lafayette Campaign: First Reviews!

I’m happy to report that the launch of my second cybersecurity thriller, titled The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections, is off to a great start in a couple of ways.

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Author Poll Results: Which promotional methods produce the most sales?

While the sample set was not large, the results were interesting. Thanks to those that participated in the poll I posted last week.

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Poll: What Promotional Methods Work Best?

A week ago I posted a piece here titled Book Promotion: What Really Works? and promised to pour the results of your feedback into a poll that I’d then post for broader participation.

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Writing a Book Proposal (Remember Book Proposals?)

Once upon a time, when someone was done writing a book (or even before), they tried to find a publisher, or an agent and then a publisher, willing to take on their book. Of course, that was eons ago – … Continue reading

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Book Promotion: What Really Works?

These are the best and worst of times for authors. We can publish and promote our own books, and there are almost endless ways to go about doing so. The problem is, most promotional methods either don’t work well (or … Continue reading

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Remembering Those you Love: You’re Not Alone

Sooner later, mortality catches up with every family. There’s no good way out of this life, but some ways are more difficult than others. The process can be long, and often it’s painful. Sometimes it can even be degrading. Being … Continue reading

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An Interview with Nico Laeser, Author of Skin Cage and Infinity

A month ago, I posted a review of Nico Laeser’s excellent novel, Skin Cage, a novel written in the first person from a most unusual perspective. The choice of that viewpoint, as well as the degree to which the author … Continue reading

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Book Review: Selkie – Julia Lund (Fiction)

The simple title of Julia Lund’s well-crafted “Selkie” may fall strangely on non-U.K. ears, but the legends that it draws on are as old as the peoples that returned to the wind-swept coasts of Scotland in the wake of the … Continue reading

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Do You Suffer from Post Printum Depression?

So there you are, at long last. The writing, the revision (and revision, and revision and revision…) are over; the proofreading, too, and the cover design. The files are uploaded, and in due course your book has winked live at … Continue reading

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Huzzah! The Lafayette Campaign is Available at Amazon

Well, it really is a great feeling to push that final “submit” button after you’ve uploaded the cover, the file, and all of the metadata and other information that Amazon asks for. And behold – only an hour later, my … Continue reading

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