The Yin and Yang of Book Reviews

Roundel.Yin.Yang.png 105In a rational world of publishing, nothing should be more persuasive than great reviews. Strangely, though, they often don’t seem to move the sales needle very much.  Should you care?

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The Book Promoter Wears No Clothes

Emperor 117It’s time authors began to call book promoters’ bluff. Yes, some types of marketing are  necessary, and yes, some of them can work. But please – stop selling us a bill of useless goods and claiming that it will all turn out all right if we just keep spinning our promotional hamster wheels.

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Book Review: The Bomb Makers (Thriller; Marcus Case)

Bomb Makers 120The Bomb Makers, by Marcus Case (a pseudonym), is not only a taut, gripping thriller, but an example of a first time indie author doing everything right. The result? It’s not only a great read, but an inspiration for any aspiring author that may be looking for reassurance that a self-published author can put out just as compelling and polished a product as those that are supported by traditional editing and production teams. Continue reading

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What’s Next for Self-Publishing? The Marketing Agent

Secret Agent 110New and disruptive (often technology-based) business models have wreaked havoc on a host of traditional businesses over the last several decades. One of those is publishing, with the Internet providing the technology, and Amazon providing the disruption. Much of this disruption has been a boon for authors. But what about the rest? Continue reading

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Self Publishing is Real! (Now what?)

Tale of Two Cities 110At some point in the last two years self-publishing became accepted as a real, and even preferable, route over the traditional path. That’s great news, but it’s only the first step. What we need now is for a self-publishing ecosystem to evolve that makes self-publishing a more efficient, enjoyable and effective route for authors of all types.

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There may be Hope for Johnny (the Book Formatter) Yet

ODFLogo 010Earlier this year I wrote one of the more successful entries I’ve posted at this site thus far. It’s received over 1600 reads to date, and is titled Why Johnny Can’t Format (a book). In it, I recount the tale of how Microsoft came to wipe out competition on the desktop, with the result that word processing innovation came to a screeching halt over 20 years ago. Today, that long period of stagnation may have come to an end. Continue reading

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A Reader of Reviews of your Own Books: To be or not to be?

Scales 120All authors can be divided into three categories: those who read reviews of their books, those who don’t, and those that do and claim they don’t. It would be fair to say that all authors can also be divided into those that are successful enough to ignore reviews, and, well, all the others (like me). Continue reading

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