My Thanks for Recent Reviews

Illuminated R 113I wanted to give a big Thank You to those readers who have recently posted reviews of The Alexandria Project. Where they are also authors, I’d like to also provide links back to their sites so that you can learn about them and their books as well. Continue reading

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Make this an Indie Author Holiday Season

Bookshelves 130If you’re part of a family that loves books, here’s a suggestion for how to do good while doing well this holiday season: spend a mere $10 on an Amazon gift card and tuck it in an envelope along with this web address:

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Venture Capitalists Run Amok (Again…)

soap bubble 140Heaven help us all, they’re doing it again. The “who” are the venture capitalists, and the “what” is super-inflating another start-up company bubble. One of the subplots in my first book, The Alexandria Project, involved VCs, who I took great delight in skewering, based upon many years of working the the high tech, start up space.

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Interview: Senan Gil Senan, author of Beyond the Pale

“The beauty of Brave New World by Aldus Huxley shows us that a dystopia can be packaged as a utopia” – S.G. Senan

Senan 140I recently reviewed Senan Gil Senan’s excellent dystopian thriller, Beyond the Pale, and subsequently asked whether he would be open to sharing the concepts behind his book. This interview is the result, and I believe that you will find it as fascinating as did I.

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Book Review: Beyond the Pale (Senan Gil Senan)

Beyond the Pale 110Beyond the Pale is a skillfully conceived and executed variation on the dystopian novel theme, echoing Aldous Huxley’s device of experiencing his brave new world through the eyes of a stranger. In this case, the protagonist is an “Outlander” named River, and happily for the reader (a sequel is promised), it ends better for River than it did for Huxley’s Mr. Savage. Continue reading

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From First Draft to Release: Revise, Revise (Revise!)

Manuscript 110The last thing many authors want to do when they finish the first draft of a book is go back to the beginning and dive in again. But that’s what it takes (usually more than once) to produce a book you can be proud of. Continue reading

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Book Review: One Night in the Hill Country (Felipe Adan Lerma)

One Night in the Hill Country medOne of the significant advantages of self-publishing is that the author has the freedom to write the book that he or she wishes, rather than conforming to a formula that a publisher (rightly or wrongly) has decided the marketplace will buy. Felipe Adan Lerma has taken advantage of this freedom to craft a fast-paced novella that explores current social issues and juxtaposes the vulnerability of innocents to those who have suffered the consequences of innocence lost.

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