From First Draft to Release: Starting and Maintaining Your Task List

List 111There are two ways to pass the time from first draft to release: doing your revisions first and everything else second, or overlapping the two processes. There’s something to be said for both approaches, but it will be easier to figure out which one is right for you if you create a detailed task list of everything that will need to be done before you make your first sale. Continue reading

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From First Draft to Release: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Ryan Clement Touchdown 140With a first self-published book, finishing the first draft feels like crossing the goal line. The second time around, you know better.

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Are You a Victim of “The Trouble with Writing?”

Prometheus 140There is ample evidence that for some, the act of writing a book – indeed, book after book – seems to flow as effortlessly as a summer breeze. But we all know that for most authors, struggling to write too often leads to more pain than word-count gain. Author Michelle Huneven tackled that topic at a writers’ workshop recently, and she did an unusually elegant and thorough job of plumbing the depths of “The Trouble with Writing.” Continue reading

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An Interview with Author/Poet/Photographer Felipe Adan Lerma

Adan and his wife Sheila

Adan and his wife Sheila

As you will have gathered from the title to this interview, Felipe Adan Lerma is a man of diverse creative interests.  His latest effort (released yesterday) is a thriller novella titled One Night in the Hill Country, and it follows on a rich portfolio of prior work spanning multiple genres, media and topics. Continue reading

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It’s all about Writing (and always has been)

Escher 120I happened upon a blog entry the other day that asked why J.K. Rowling hadn’t self-published her new crime books. The blogger went on at great length to illustrate the advantages Rowling could have enjoyed if only she had hired her own editor, publicist and so on. The decision of the famous author, evidently, was too inexplicable and wrong-headed to be believed. Continue reading

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Pre-Order Pricing : “One Night in the Hill Country” – Felipe Adan Lerma’s new Thriller

Andrew Updegrove:

Felipe Adan Lerma’s new Thriller/Novella is due out on October 19. The pre-release price is only $2.99, and if you like supporting self-published authors, here’s a great opportunity to do so. Let’s see if we can’t help Adan’s book launch with the kind of ranking that will bring it to the attention of others as well.


Originally posted on Felipe Adan Lerma:

One Night in the Hill Country med v3Pre-Order Pricing : “One Night in the Hill Country” -

Through Release Date: 10.19.14


Pictured Left :

A novella, “One Night in the Hill Country.”


Original fiction, photo-memoirs, and poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Available via subscription, direct purchase, or library.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


Site Areas


Fitness ** Arts ** eBooks


Pre-Order Pricing :

“One Night in the Hill Country” -

Through Release Date:



October 05, 2014

Category – Thriller

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Pre-Order Pricing

Special Pre-Order pricing of…

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How Would you React if Your Book was Pirated?

Capt. Henry Morgan 120We all know what happened to musicians once Napster came along – millions of people started downloading their music without paying a dime to the authors or publishers of that music. If you’re the author of a self-published eBook, is the same thing happening to you? Continue reading

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